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Positive Connections Parenting Time Center serves children and their parents who have been involved in an unhealthy relationship or where conflict regarding parenting time has occurred. Services offered include: professional staff facilitated exchanges, supervised parenting time and parent coaching. All services take place in a violence and conflict free environment absent of bias or judgment. In an effort to provide an inviting environment for families, our visitation rooms were designed to replicate a warm, home-like setting featuring full kitchens, dining tables, sofas, and stocked toy cabinets. In addition to parenting time and exchanges, PC also provides resources and referrals, as needed, as well as court and social services documentation when required.

The needs & requirements of our clients vary. Typically, those using our services include parents who:

  • Are court ordered to have supervised parenting time
  • Fear violence or intimidation connected with exchanges or parenting times
  • Fear the non-custodial parent may leave the country with the children
  • Families where children are in foster care due to abuse or neglect

At Positive Connections, the focus is on the children and ensuring that they have a positive and nurturing experience when utilizing our services.

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